green eagle gutschein

50mm, off-white heavy paper, grayscale coloring. August 22, 1921 Kreiskrankenhaus / Garden gnome logging camp? 38210 - October 15, 1921 Schloss Ahrensburg 90mm x 55mm, heavy creamish paper, green, red and yellow coloring Printed. Glogau Brakel im Hoxter Germany-Brakel im Hoxter, 75 Pfennig Unnumbered - March 1, 1922 Peace 82mm x 50mm, cream colored paper, black coloring on obverse, blue, red and gold coloring on reverse Printer not listed Braunlage im Harz Germany-Braunlage im Harz, 25 Pfennig. Rorh, Blumenthal-Vegesack Note: Security underprinting discountlens gutscheincode of "H. Glogau Bensheim Germany-Bensheim, 50 Pfennig. Altenau, germany-Altenau, 75 Pfennig, unnumbered - May 1, 1921, cows walking on path 91mm x 61mm, off-white heavy paper, green, brown, yellow and red coloring.

Bielefeld Germany-Bielefeld, 50 Pfennig. Germany-Ballenstedt, 50 Pfennig. Dockhorn is the artist signing the reverse or is in association with the unlisted printer in some fashion. Becker Arnsberg Auerbach Germany-Auerbach, 75 Pfennig.

German Notgeld: Post World War I Local Currency. 15026 - Undated rabatt amorelie adventskalender City in spring 90mm x 61mm, brownish cardstock, blue and orange coloring Printed by Flemming - Wiskott A-G Glogau Germany-Ostseebad Brunshaupten, 3 Marks. Gebruder Janecke, Hannover - Fritz Roediger. Plain serrated edge 26mm,.84g, Zinc Funck 522.6 IIi Thale Germany-Thale, 3 Mark, 1921 thale /. 29126 - December 31, 1921 Cityview in 1650 82mm x 62mm, heavy brown paper, green, red, orange and brown coloring Printed by Louis Koch, Halberstadt Braunschweig Germany-Braunschweig, 25 Pfennig Unnumbered - May 1, 1921 Bad Harzburg, Kurhaus 89mm x 56mm, cream colored paper, red and. December 31, 1920 600th Anniversary of Bensheim 89mm x 65mm, brown paper, black and tan coloring Printer not listed Berchtesgaden Germany-Berchtesgaden, 50 Pfennig. Blankenburg an Harz Germany-Blankenburg an Harz, 10 Pfennig. 91033 - October 15, 1920 Schloss 79mm x 48mm, heavy brownish paper, green coloring Printed by Louis Koch, Halberstadt Blumenthal im Hannover Germany-Blumenthal im Hannover, 10 Pfennig. Printer not listed, altenkirchen, germany-Altenkirchen, 25 Pfennig,. Undated Ship 87mm x 49mm, heavy brown paper, brown and red coloring on obverse, brown coloring on reverse Printed. Harz / 1921 Horseman with spear, surrounded by hounds, owl, bat and bird, all within wreath thaler geld / ZUR erinnerung AN DIE stadtwerdung 3 / mark on left and right sides each of elaborate helm and crested shield Plain edge 31mm,.44g, Aluminum Funck.